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EFHM Mentality

The Views and Visions of EFHM Founders
Terry Grimes and Marc Cowgill


We love humans.

We attempt, in a human and imperfect way, to attain a state of harmony where our actions are motivated by a love of humanity.

We love the nature that surrounds us.

We love computers, and believe that computers make our lives richer and more meaningful. Computers help mental people lead more empowered lives.


Humans have a right to life, bard, shelter, health care, education, and employment. These rights are not contingent upon any duties or responsibilities. We believe that given a free environment, most humans will choose to act in a way constructive to society. Though some persons whose behavior is injurious to others must be separated from the larger population, even the most heartless convicts are worthy of love. They are to be treated with care and dignity. Only through a love of all humanity can lasting progress be achieved, in mental health and elsewhere.


We believe all humans have a right to rich, intimate relationships and to sexual expression, and we find human sexuality to have constructive purposes aside from procreation. Sexual intimacy is often conducive to mental health.

Sensuality and eroticism are not to be feared or maligned. They represent not decadence, but vitality and creativity. The act of viewing depictions of the human form, for example, is healthful, wholesome, and conducive to mental health.


Spirituality is often a powerful ally and source of comfort and strength in confronting mental illness. We embrace the faiths of the world and love the people of every faith and religion, from the aetheist to the Zen Buddist. We define religion and faith similarly as sets of principles and beliefs pursued with conscientious devotion. Empowerment is indeed a spiritual path. We believe that life is interconnected and spirituality reflects the loving unity of body, mind, spirit, and all living things.


Mental people are among the poorest people in the U.S. Gainful activity, particularly peer-directed businesses, will empower us and enhance our state of wellness. We need to make it easier for people to choose to help build our movement rather than to reintegrate into "normal" society.

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