The Panther

The panther inside me awakens
gets up and languidly stretches
He gazes from side to side
He starts to pace back and forth

The is his place - no one else dares
to come here or he will kill them
Very simple - just like that
He tears them to pieces  and
Swallows the pieces whole

You may think he does not look fierce,
Well, then he wants something,'
his desire is so powerful
he can't control his wanting.
It is hard to resist him for
he will bother you until you
give it to him or do it for him.

How I am trying to hold that hungry car in check
I am distracting him, monitoring, praying,
and doing whatever i can to control his emotions
and the wildness of his desire

Now, becoming calmer, the cat turns to me and smiles,-
not to me but knowing me, knowing what I am and what
I want to be.

The panther inside me rubs against my leg.
I belong to him, we are attached, we are one
Bright yellow eyes follow me wherever I go......

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