Alternatives 2002 Scrapbook


Larry Belcher of CONTAC, the host organization, was all smiles.


As a gifted photographer I waited for just the right moment to snap this picture of the legendary Sally Zinman.


Joseph Rogers of the Clearinghouse presided with style.


David Oaks gave us insightful political vision.


Susan Rogers helped us understand the media, a key to our movement’s future.


Andrew Phelps is absorbed in the intricacies of social accountability


Tom Lane of NAMI tackled real world criminal justice issues in a lively workshop.


Pat Deegan offered us a sense of history, so vital to our self-concept.


Dan Fisher of the National Empowerment Center received input for his work on the Presidential commission.


Alan Marzilli discussed community support and practiced hand gestures.



CW Tillman of NAMI was there.   Very stylish haircut!


Alternatives 2002 gave us megawatts of energy. 

As rock star George Clinton says Let's “Get Off Your Ass and Jam”

Marc Cowgill